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12.0v3 alters Conditional Formatting Refreshes

Question asked by JeffCooper on Oct 23, 2012
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12.0v3 alters Conditional Formatting Refreshes


FileMaker Pro


12.0v3 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac 10.6.8

Description of the issue

Just upgraded to v3 and something that worked fine until now, no longer functions consistently.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Add a button to a layout and set its text to a merge variable  merge variable <<$txt>> (yes, a local variable).

Set the hover style to be a gradient.

Set conditional formatting for the text label to

Let([f=Get(FoundCount);r=Get(RecordNumber);$txt=Case(f=0;"(no records)";f=1;"1 record";r & " of " & f & " records")];0)

Expected result

As the user goes from record to record, the label changes to reflect which layout the user is viewer.  This worked fine in 12.0v2

Actual result

It only seems to refresh when I mouse over the button, Interestingly, if I duplicate the button, the duplicated one behaves as expected.  So, it seems the problem is with objects created in v2 or earlier. Duplicating containers of the button (such as a tab control)  does not fix the problem

Configuration information

in attached screenshot, both "x of x records" buttons are identical in condition and formatting.  The one on the right was duplicated from the one on the left after upgrading to v3.


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