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13v2 Win7 web viewer interaction with Windows Explorer broken

Question asked by BenKreunen on Apr 7, 2014
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13v2 Win7 web viewer interaction with Windows Explorer broken


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 13v2

Operating system version

Win7 SP1 (Enterprise)

Description of the issue

Updated from 13v1 to 13v2. Webviewer displaying contents of a folder using "file:///driveletter:/directory/" schema for URL. Allow interaction with web viewer checked. Interaction of the web viewer is impacted by surrounding fields and buttons. Impacts include
* Failing to gain focus when the web viewer is clicked on
* Shifting focus to adjacent fields or buttons when clicking on the web viewer object
* Toggling checkboxes in an adjacent field when double-clicking on the web viewer

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a directory c:\temp on the local HDD and place some (more than 1) text files in it (any files will do but text files are quick to open for testing). Set the view for the folder in Windows Explorer to be Details.
Create a web viewer in the body of a layout with a URL pointing to this directory i.e. "file:///c:/temp/"
Tick "allow interaction with web viewer content" in the Web Viewer Setup
Place additional fields and buttons around the layout.
View the layout in browse mode.
1. Click on the web viewer object
2. Click on a file in the web viewer
3. Double click on a file
4. Right-click on a file

Expected result

1. The web viewer gains focus, taking on the In Focus appearance defined in the styles (e.g. outer shadow appears)

2. Click on a file in the web viewer
File is selected

3. Double click on a file
File/folder opens

4. Right-click on a file
Context sensitive menu appears with options for Windows Explorer

Actual result

The results of clicking in the web viewer when it is displaying the contents of a folder will depend on the position of the click relative to the web viewer border AND the last file name OR if the click is below the scroll bar. The screen grab shows the results for our database which has several elements around the web viewer. Tests on a completely new database are described at the end.

1. The first time the web viewer is clicked on it gains focus. After that, it depends on where you click as to whether it gains focus.  Whilst not 100% repeatable, the most reliable area is at least ~135 pixels from the left hand edge of the web viewer AND below the centre of the line with the last file name. (see red outline on the screenshot)  Outside of this area, the web viewer fails to gain focus. Tested with different web viewer widths, all resulting in the same ~135px left margin.

2. Click on a file in the web viewer
You can only select files in the region where the web viewer successfully gains focus.  In this example, that means only the last file.
Clicking outside of this region will shift focus back to the Filemaker record OR an adjacent field (Clicking within the cyan outline in the screenshot would shift focus to the upper checkbox to the left of the web viewer, arrowed)

3. Double click on a file
If the double click occurs outside of the region described in 1, the currently selected file will open and the web viewer will lose focus, unless the double click occurred in a region where the focus is shifted to another field, in which case the field will gain focus and receive an additional mouse click (hence toggling checkbox or activating buttons)

4. Right-click on a file
The results for this will depend on where the focus for the click goes as described in 1 and 2.

Focus goes to web viewer: context menu for Windows Explorer appears depending on what was clicked on in the web viewer.

Focus goes to an adjacent object: Filemaker context menu appears depending on the type of object clicked on.

Focus goes to the Filemaker record: The Filemaker context menu appears CENTERED on the mouse click, resulting in Delete Record being selected when the mouse is released presenting the user with a confirmation dialogue to delete the record. After cancelling out of that, the context menu reappears, centered on the mouse click

REPEATING with a FRESH database.
Web viewer as the only object on a layout. Everything works except for the top half of the first filename.

Add a field to the layout and the areas of the web viewer begin to change. The area of the web viewer where clicking does not focus the web viewer will change depending on the position of the adjacent field. Try moving the field around the web viewer to see what changes.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages appear. (apart from unexpected dialogue boxes)

Configuration information

Tested with both IE10 and IE11 on the system.


Only suitable workaround is to have the web viewer in a layout on its own (kinda defeats our usage). (Will try reinstalling 13v1 tomorrow)