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14 Issue - Value Lists not working on "new" portal row with hide conditions on field

Question asked by fmweetbicks on Jun 17, 2015
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14 Issue - Value Lists not working on "new" portal row with hide conditions on field


FileMaker Pro


14.0 v1

Operating system version

Mavericks 10.10.3

Description of the issue

Portal with allow record creation enabled in the relationship,  a field with a value list attached does not produce the value list drop-down while in this new record row at bottom of portal.

There are two overlaid fields with different value lists attached (first/second fields swapped).  Each has a hide condition that means one or the other is hidden depending on a setting field (global), and a field on the parent record.

Testing suggests the issue here is the hide condition that is checking a field back on the parent record, the basic hide condition looks like this:

Parent::FIeld = "Yes" or GlobalField = "Something"

and the other hide calc on the other field is like:

Parent::FIeld = "Yes" or GlobalField = "OtherValue"

so depending on GlobalField, one or the other hides.  The parent field check means both will hide if parent field is yes.

Removing the parent field check makes the value lists work as expected and as they do in 13.

The issue is with the hide check back to parent. I assume because the 'new' row in the portal doesn't actually have a valid relationship back to the parent record this part of the hide check fails.   the interesting thing is it does actually hide as expected, the only negative effect here is that it breaks the value list drop-down on the field.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create relationship with allow creation of records on
2. Setup a portal based on it
3. Create a simple value list, in this case it is field based showing all values with a first and second field option
4. Add field to the portal with value list attached
5. add some hide condition to the field which is referencing the parent record, it can be anything, just make sure the overall result of the hide condition is false so the field remains visible in the portal.
6. Try to initiate the drop-down value list from a valid portal row for a record, and the 'new' portal row

Expected result

drop-down for value list works in new and valid record rows - which it does in FileMaker 13

Actual result

value list will work on rows for actual records, but not on the 'new' portal row.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error messages

Configuration information

field has a hide condition on it but even with disabled it doesn't fix it.