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2 dbs - same fields - transfers OK  - now not

Question asked by LeonardDavenport on Jun 13, 2010
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2 dbs - same fields - transfers OK  - now not

Description of the issue

On a Mac OSx 10.6.3.  FileMaker 10.03v. Unfortunately, I don't know if any OS or FMP updates took place in the week or so before I noticed the bug. I have an inventory (~4000 unique items) and a sold database with 28 entry fields (+ 4 calculations).  Worked fine since I transferred from Appleworks and massaged it and created the second database (sold). I transferred over 160 records successfully from INVENTORY TO SOLD. Now it fails to transfer ~7 to 10 field contents, depending on which layout I'm in. (Layouts in SOLD include one that doubles three fields).  I enter new items in ENTRY layout (Sold info fields are present but don't display). When sold, I identify sold items in inventory in a field (one of the problem fields). Later, I search to select those records. Then I go Sold db to IMPORT RECORDS - File - select Inventory db - then enter price sold.  There, I use the SOLD layout (some items repeat in both the SOLD & ENTRY layouts). Finally, I delete the record from my INVENTORY. In spreadsheet layout now, only 16 fields now show in SOLD db, while all still show in INVENTORY. Strangely, not even the fields that are filled manually in SOLD (customer info/ date/ place of sale/price) don't appear in Spreadsheet, but do in SOLD layout. Both SS layouts were identical for months. Expected outcome: All date in named fields transfers. This was true since purchased a new mac with Leopard Operating system on the basis of a Techie recommendation that Appleworks would not work consistently in that OS. (PS: it seems to continue to work with all my old databases and documents.) Actual outcome: Some fields fail completely to transfer (text & numeric). Some fields transfer to ENTRY layout, but not to SOLD layout. Two such fields are date purchased (text)  and cost (numerical).  I have not found any way around this except to enter data manually.