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360Works Plugins and Get ( InstalledFMPlugins )

Question asked by disabled_scibidoo on May 29, 2012
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360Works Plugins and Get ( InstalledFMPlugins )


FileMaker Server



Operating system version


Description of the issue

Installing the Server Plugins for FTP and Scribe you can verify that the plugins are indeed working and installed.

However the Startup script running Get ( InstalledFMPlugins ) is missing the 360 plugins.

The effect of this is that my Script can not see that the plugin is installed using the new script step.

This problem does not exist on Filemaker Pro.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Run the script for Get ( InstalledFMPlugins ) when Filemaker Server starts up.
Log the result

Expected result

The plugins that are installed and active in the Server Console should also respond to this script step.

360Works FTPeek;1.61;Enabled
360Works Scribe;1.271;Enabled
POP3it Pro;POP3it Pro 4.1.13;Enabled
SMTPit Pro;SMTPit Pro 4.1.13;Enabled
Troi File Plug-in;6.0;Enabled

Actual result

Plugins BaseElements;1.3.1;Enabled
POP3it Pro SE;POP3it Pro SE 4.1.13;Enabled
SMTPit Pro SE;SMTPit Pro SE 4.1.13;Enabled
Troi File Plug-in;6.0;Enabled

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

MacOS X Server 10.7.4
Filemaker Server 12


Use another method of verifying the plugins are installed.