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    A file closes unexpectedly on the server.



      A file closes unexpectedly on the server.


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Windows XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 3.    Windows Server 2003 R2

      Description of the issue

      From time to time one of the databases on the server suddenly closes. There are 7 other files which never do this.
      Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might cause it. Can there be too much stored data, can there be too many scripts, can there be too many fields?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I do not know what causes it to happen. Yesterday morning everything was working fine, then suddenly one of the files closed. It happens infrequently, so I do not have any clue as to what might cause it. It is a problem because there are many clients using the database and they are prevented from using it until I go in and fix it.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      I do not get an error message. The file is not available to open.

      Configuration information

      I do not know if it is relevant, but I am not able correct the problem using the Admin Server Console. I can log into it OK, but when I click on databases to work in it I get the error message 'Admin Server Connection Error: An unknown error has occured.'

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               Use the Admin console to check the server's log for any messages that might be logged there.

               This sounds like your file may be damaged. Take a recent backup copy not currently hosted by servero and use Recover from FileMaker Pro to see what is reported by the recover process. Even if no problems are reported, you may want to put the recovered file up on your server as a test to see if the recovered file also closes unexpectedly.

               Things to keep in mind about Recover:

               While Recover almost always detects and fully corrects any problems with your file...

          1.           The recovered copy may behave differently even if recover reports "no problems found".
          3.           Recover does not detect all problems
          5.           Recover doesn't always fix all problems correctly
          7.           Best Practice is to never put a recovered copy back into regular use or development. Instead, replace the damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if this is at all possible. You may have to save a clone of the back up copy and import all data from your recovered copy to get a working copy with the most up to date information possible.


               And here's a knowledgebase article that you may find useful: What to do when your file is corrupt (KB5421).