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    A new field is duplicating it's data



      A new field is duplicating it's data


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows Server 2003

      Description of the issue

      I created a new field for Upline data and when we enter data it is duplicating it's data on that column

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      We lost our FileMaker consultant, and I am trying to fix this with very little FM knowledge and a FileMaker 11 training series book.

      Expected result

      To enter data in that field and save

      Actual result

      Fields duplicating

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message


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          It might be more useful to show that screen while in layout mode. If you update an existing screen shot, it helps to delete the existing image, save the post, then re-open to upload the new image. Otherwise, there's a bug in the rightNow software that keeps many users from seeing the updated image.

          You appear to have a portal on a tab control. Since the same value shows in all 4 portal records, I would guess that this field is not part of the portal's table but is instead part of the layout's table. This would produce the results that you see here as this field would be displaying a value from the same related parent record in each and every portal row.

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            If I hadn't re-opened this thread on a whim, I wouldn't have noticed the image update. It rules out my first guess as I can see that the field name is preceded by :: to indicate that it is from a related table occurrence.

            The next thing to check is whether or not this field is from the same occurrence as the portal. While in layout mode, double click this field and see if the specify field dialog shows AR_WritingNumbers in the specify field dialogs "table" drop down at the top of the dialog. If it is different, that may suggest one possible explanation.

            Also, it would help to know the relationship between the layout's table occurrence and the portal's. Table occurrences are the boxes found in mange | database | relationships and show us what tables and fields are used to define each relationship. You can open this part of the system and look for a box with the same name as that shown in Layout Setup | Show Records From and then see how it is linked to the AR_WritingNumbers box here and to what fields.

            You can desribe such a relationship here very simply by typing something like this:

            TableOccurrenceName::FieldName = TableOccurrenceName::FieldName

            I'm wondering if the AR_WritingNumbers::awa_UplineID field you've placed in your portal isn't one of the key fields in this relationship.

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               Sorry, I am new to FileMaker as a builder/programmer. Where is the portal. When we lost our FileMaker person, management gave me a book and said figure it out.

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                The portal is the large rectangle in the center of your screen with the scroll bar down the right hand side of it. In layout mode, you'll see "AR_WritingNumbers" in the bottom left hand corner of it. (That's how I know that the portal refers to the AR_WritingNumbers table occurrence.)

                You can double_click this portal when in layout mode to bring up the portal setup... dialog where you can check and/or modify settings for this portal. I suggest you look up "portal" in your book and in FileMaker help. It's an often used item in FileMaker layouts, so understanding how they work is a big step up towards getting a decent working understanding of how this database system functions.

                You may also find this tutorial on table occurrences enlightening: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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                   Thank you, will do. With being the only tech person here it was difficult to have the amout of time needed to pick this up quickly. Also where would we look for someone to help us with a few big adjustments, the owner wants a radius button to find agents around an area.

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                    There is a consultants link at the top of this screen. Your radius button might be crudely approximated with a web viewer pointed at Google Maps and fed a list of addresses.

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                      Thank you for your help.