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A value list in IWP might display the incorrect value

Question asked by on Jun 8, 2011


A value list in IWP might display the incorrect value


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced

Operating system version

Windows Vista

Description of the issue

A drop down list that contains values that differ only in case will not display the correct value when entering edit mode. Instead, the last value in the list that matches the selected value will be selected. The HTML created when switching to edit mode shows that all values matching the original value (case-insensitive) have the "selected" attribute added.

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Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a drop down list containing the values ("FILE","File","FilE","file") and select the first value "FILE". Publish the layout with IWP. The page will display the currently selected value "FILE". However, clicking on the page to enter edit mode will cause the drop down list to display "file" as the currently selected value.

Expected result

The selected value "FILE" should remain selected.

Actual result

The last value that is a case-insensitive match in the value list is selected.