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Accept Incoming Network Connections dialog every time! FMPA13

Question asked by JaySayers on Jan 14, 2015
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Accept Incoming Network Connections dialog every time! FMPA13


FileMaker Pro


13 Advanced and 13 Pro

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.9.5

Description of the issue

Everytime launching FileMaker Pro Advanced the dialog appears

Steps to reproduce the problem

Launch FileMaker pro advanced

Expected result

No prompt because it has been added to the exceptions list

Actual result

Prompts to "Allow or Deny" incoming connections

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Do you want the application "FileMaker Pro" to accept incoming network connection?

Clicking Deny may limit the application's behavior.
This setting can be changed in the Firewall pane of Security & Privacy preferences.

Configuration information



Click Deny. But my boss is getting VERY tired of this dialog and wonders what is wrong with her Mac and/or FileMaker Pro.