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Access 2000 / ODBC - FM10AdvSrv

Question asked by Ice72 on May 18, 2009
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Access 2000 / ODBC - FM10AdvSrv

Description of the issue

Hi, I'm trying to connect from a Microsoft Access 2000 to a FM10AdvSrv. If I connect WITHOUT specifying PK (on access request) I can see all records of my table "A".But if I specify the Primary Key access show me a grid with a rows number equals to thetable's records number, but all cells are set to "####" (access error notification). Note that if I doesn't declare the PK access doesn't allow me to update/ins/delete records. The table "A" have 3 fields:- "id": auto-inc/primary key- "t": text- "v": value Thanks for any patch!