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    Access Privilege problem with a Value List


      Access Privilege problem with a Value List


      FileMaker Pro


      8.5 and 11

      Operating system version

      Mac OSX 10.4

      Description of the issue

      I've created a database in 8.5. One field uses a simple value list with 'other' enabled. The database is being used by someone with FileMaker 11. They cannot enter a different value using 'other' in the field (although others using an earlier version of Filemaker dont have this problem). I don't have access to FileMaker 11 but I presume its some sort of user access change in the later version? I've restricted users only in the sense of being unable to access layouts, scripts etc.
      Could someone suggest a remedy?

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          There have been no changes to this aspect of FileMaker in 11 that I know of. Can you describe in detail exactly what form of value list that you used and with what layout options? That way someone can try to replicate the issue on their file.

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            First, I'm a bit stupid, I must admit to this.... The problem isn't isn't because of a later version of Filemaker as I thought - I've just recreated the problem in 8.5.
            Logged in with full access privileges I can enter an 'other' value in the value list for field 'announcement' and the standard message box pops up ('annoucement' is defined to contain only specific value. Allow this value?) giving me 3 options, revert, no or yes. Click Yes and the value is accepted - no problem. When I log in with restricted privileges (see below) I get the message box ('announcement' is defined to contain only specific values. You must enter a valid value) giving me 2 options, revert and ok. Click on OK and the box will not go away.

            The field 'announcement' is defined as text, indexed, by value list, allow overide to validate. It is defined in 1 of 5 tables. The value list consists of 6 values plus a blank. The field is setup as pop-up menu with to include 'other'.

            Accounts and privileges are set as follows:

            Privelege Set Name : Data Entry Only

            Data Access and Design: Records (create, edit and delete in all tables) Layouts (all view only) Value Lists (custom priveleges: field 'announcement' are set as modifiable) Scripts (all executable only)

            Other Priveleges: Allow Printing. Allow Exporting. Disconnect user if server is idle. 

            What needs tweaking to make it work?

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              This dialog appears when you have set a validation rule on the field to only permit values that are also members of a specified value list. That would not seem to be a typical option for a value list formatted field where you permit the other option. Simplest 'fix' is to remove this validation rule.

              I suspect that your Data Entry Only users are not allowed to override validation rule warnings and this is why they only have the two options when this dialog appears.