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    Access privileges



      Access privileges


      FileMaker Pro


      Pro 11

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      Win 7

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      I am trying to allow "read only access" to a database by other users. I create an new account but when the user logs on they get an error message - Your access privileges do not allow you to preform this action.  The same message appears when logging on as a guest. Any ideas of how to correct this will be much appreciated

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Your access privileges do not allow you to preform this action

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          You need to figure out exactly what action is tripping the error message.

          Is the file set up to run a script when the file opens?

          If so, what does this script do. Keep in mind that if you've specified read-only for all tables, scripts that the user performs will also be prevented from editing data in fields unless they are set up to "run with full access privileges".

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            Thank you Phil

            There are only 2 scripts in the database one of which runs on opening file. I have set them both to "run with full access privileges".  Problem still exists

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              Richard Scarle:

              Thank you for your posts.

              Perhaps it would be helpful if you post your opening script.  Is any part of your script calling another script?  If so, is that script also set to run with full access privileges?

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