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    access privileges damaged or tampered



      access privileges damaged or tampered

      Description of the issue

      Help! After installing fresh new database on server, after few days, I have found it closed and not possible to re-open. Trying to open database locally I am getting message: "The access privileges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with. Please contact FileMaker Technical Support if the problem cannot be resolved" The only issue with server during this few days was I have once reboot to install 10.5.8. I am using server adavnced and FM/FMA client, all version 9.x This was fresh database with some functions and default roles set up which was supposed to become new template for variouse apps.  Whom should I contact to fix my file (as advised by FM)? Regards, Bartosz   

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          Have you tried to recover the file?


          Open FMP or FMPA without opening the file. Select File | Recover and select your file for recovery.


          Better yet: simply replace the file with a backup. While Recover does a pretty good job, it can't fix everything and using a back up copy is safer. If your back up doesn't have all the up to date data you need, save a clone of it and import all the records from your recovered file.

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            thanks for the tip!


            unfortunately, I can not open file so I can not recover - the message appears when I try to open...


            backup yes, you are right, but I do not have it - not big pain as I mentioned this was new database intended to become template for new developments. Of course I do daily backups for production databases.


            It is first time I have something destroyed on the FM server... so that is why it is interesting for me how to recover such file. Again, server did not crash, was not shutdown abnormally - it was only once rebooted while upgrading to 10.5.8...

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              As stated in my first post:


              Launch Filemaker without opening the damaged file and choose recover from the file menu. I'm not terribly hopeful for you as the times I've gotten this message, filemaker was unable to fully recover the file, but it's worth a try.

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                If Ver 9 is not able to recover it, I have had some success in opening/recovering damaged files in previous ver (like 8.0) and recovering the data from there. (8.0 seems a bit more forgiving when trying to open or recover damaged files.) You should not use any file recovered this way but you may at least be able to salvage you data.



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                  I have the same problem and tryed recover, but not work so well.

                  I bough a Stellar Phoenix FileMaker and not work too...

                  If anybody has any idea, answer-me please.