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Add a Note Content Issue

Question asked by JosephJurson on Dec 16, 2013
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Add a Note Content Issue


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I am thinking of upgrading my version Filemaker 10, but if I can not get a solution to this serious problem, I will seriously consider finding another database product after using Filemaker for over 15 years.

I have created records in a small separate file and included content in Add a Note. When I import this first smaller file into the larger main file, much of the content in the Add a Note section does not import correctly. Add a Note from some records are missing, other times content from the Add a Note content from existing records end up repeatedly in the imported records. And when I open and close the larger file, there are times when the Add a Note content in different records is either missing, replaced, or added to what was already in place.

This problem is only in the Add a Note section of each record.

Thanks for your quick attention to this matter.