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Add Account script step fails in v14

Question asked by on Jun 8, 2015
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Add Account script step fails in v14


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Description of the issue

I have 10 files that are part of a solution for a non profit.  To aid in adding accounts (and deleting) I created a script to pass data to identical scripts in the 10 files from a security file.  This script has worked well in v12 and v13 and now fails in v14.

Set Variable($AccountName;Value:GetScriptParameter(1)

Set Variable($Password;Value:GetScriptParameter(2)

Set Variable($Access;Value:GetScriptParameter(3)

If $Access = "Full"

  Add Account(Account Name: $AccountName;Password:$Password;Privilege Set:All

Else IF $Access = "Read Only"

Add Account(Account Name:$AccountName;Password:$Password;Privlege Set: Read-Only Access

End If

Some brackets and characters have been left out for the ease of typing.

The failure is on only about half of the 10 files it is used in. It occurs in the add account step saying the item must have an entry of no more than 100 characters.  Using the data viewer all of the text is there.  I don't understand how it would work for a few years and two releases and fail in v14 especially when the data viewer shows the text is there.

I run the scripts with Full access privileges in each file.

Expected result

Continued success of adding accounts in files.

Actual result

Half or more of the files accessed from the main script that calls identical scripts in each of the files fails with an error indicating that the field" must contain text of 100 characters.

While typing this I discovered that if the files are already open the scripts run without error. If the files are not open and must be opened to run the script it fails.