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    Additional DB folders ignored on restart



      Additional DB folders ignored on restart


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.9

      Description of the issue

      Often, when the mac is restarted, FileMaker Server launches, but ignores additional database/containers folders.
      As there is no command to re-scan those folders, you have to do a lot of stupid things to work around... and that's only after the users call you to report the issue...

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Set up additional folders and upload databases
      Restart the mac
      Not always but often, only the default folder is seen by FMS

      Expected result

      Open all db folders

      Actual result

      Opens only the default folder


      - in the Finder, create another folder (say you set up 2 folders alredy, then create a 3rd one for DBs and a 3rd one for containers
      - in the admin temporarily change the path of folder 1 to folder 3 (same for containers)
      - save
      - change the paths back to folder 1
      - save
      - repeat for folder 2