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    Admin Console doesn't work



      Admin Console doesn't work

      Description of the issue

      We are having issues with FileMaker Admin Console and are therefore forced to use the CLI. The console usually starts but it might not show any databases running. When it does show databases, they are unmanageable using the console. For example, closing all databases does not actually do anything, but they do nowadays vanish from the GUI. I've tested with different Java versions, right now 1.5.0_15, but the console does not seem to work with earlier versions any better than with 1.6.0_07. With the newest JRE 1.6.0_10 the Console does not start at all. TheFileMaker Service and the databases are running fine. FileMaker Server version is

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          Hi Antti,

          Thanks for posting!  Just to verify, did this issue start happening around the time that Java 6 Update 10 was installed?  At this time we are aware of issues between FileMaker Server/Advanced 9 and Java 6 Update 10 and have documented them in Knowledge Base Article 7029 (support > Knowledge Base).  I've posted the contents below for your convenience:

          FileMaker Server is currently incompatible with Java 6 Update 10 on Windows. 

          Known Issues:

          • Java 6 Update 10 is installed prior to installing FileMaker Server:
            • The deployment wizard will not launch after installation of FileMaker Server.
          • FileMaker Server is installed, and successfully deployed before Java 6 Update 10 is installed:
            • The FileMaker Server Admin Console (UAC) will launch. However, after a few minutes of activity, an Admin Console lost connection error will appear.


          1. Open Java from the Control Panel.
          2. Go to the Java tab.
          3. Click "View" in the "Java Application Runtime Settings" section.
          4. Uncheck (disable) Java 6 update 10.
          5. Check (enable) Java 6 release 7.
          6. Click Ok to commit changes.

           It seems that this behavior is related; let me know how it works out.



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            ts_turtle wrote:

            Just to verify, did this issue start happening around the time that Java 6 Update 10 was installed?


            No, this has been a problem for a bit longer. Since I did not expect any trouble, I have not got an exact date. I can say for sure, that with version 8 of FileMaker we did not have this problem. However, upgrade to JRE 1.6.0_05 is probably a lot closer to the time we noticed this strange behavior of the console. I have uninstalled old Java versions (and cleared it's caches of files and apps), but this has not helped.


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                 I installed the latest JRE, since the older ones would not help. The console does not hang anymore, it crashes immediately with a messagebox: "Admin Server Connection Error: An unknown error has occurred". Very informative indeed.
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                   Is there any more info on this error? I just got a new job that has a FM9 server that is doing this connection error and I dont see update 10 installed on the server, and the Java update says it has the latest version.
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                     update: I tried rebooting the server and when windows restarted it came up with an error report I could submit to M$ says Filemaker server encountered an eror and needed to close.