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Admin Console problems: no databases visible, crashes on client view

Question asked by dp on Apr 15, 2009
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Admin Console problems: no databases visible, crashes on client view

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Server System(s) involved:Windows 2003 Server on VMWare (server)Windows XP SP3 with Java Runtime 6 Update 7 (client)Detailed description of the issue: As of yesterday, I am experiencing three symptoms with the Admin Console that may or may not be related:(A) Selecting the Administration/Clients panel causes the Admin Console to crash with an "unknown error"(B) No databases are visible in the Administration/Databases panel.(C) In the Configuration/Database Server/Default Folders tab, both the database path and backup path show "not a valid path". These paths were valid the last time I checked and have not been changed. Furthermore, the server continues to serve databases in the invalid additional database folder without issue, and nightly backups run successfully despite the backup path being invalid.Exact steps to reproduce the issue: (A) Clicking on Clients in the left-hand Admin Console menu or on the View menu on the menu bar(B) as above(C) Enter paths filewin:/E:/Filemaker/Databases/ (additional database folder) and filewin:/E:/Filemaker/Backups/ (backup folder)Expected Result:(A) A list of Filemaker clients (and not a crash)(B) A list of 9 database files present in the additional database folder path(C) Acceptance of the existing database and backup paths as validActual Result:(A) Admin Console crashes(B) Blank database display, with the header "0 databases, 0 selected"(C) "Not a valid path" returned for both paths. Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:(A) Admin Server Connection Error: An unknown error has occurred.(B) n/a(C) Not a valid path Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue:Verified that ports 16000 and 16001 are open on the server.Verified that fmsadmin group and SYSTEM both have Full Control permissions on database paths.The Windows TEMP folder has been moved to the (large) E: volume to solve a previous issue with Filemaker temporary files filling up the small VM C: volume and causing server crashes.This may not be relevant, but I tried to issue a server stop from the Admin Console a few weeks ago which caused the Console to hang, and attempts to quit the Console and re-connect would also enter a hung state. I ended up contacting the VM manager to have the VM restarted. Any workarounds that you have found:(none)