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    Admin Console WIll Not Launch after Upgrade 12v4



      Admin Console WIll Not Launch after Upgrade 12v4


      FileMaker Server


      Server Advanced 12 v4

      Operating system version

      Mountain Lion 10.8.3

      Description of the issue

      I updated Mountain Lion to 10.8.3 and then went about updating FM Server Adv to After multiple reboots, disk permission fixes, uninstalls, reinstalls, etc. I cannot get the Admin console to start on the server. The server does appear to be running and serving up the DB's that were there before for FileMaker clients, but I have no control over them on the server system itself. I also cannot turn IWP back on (which is how the majority of my users access the data from the server)

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      don't know

      Expected result

      expect to be able to launch the admin console and to turn IWP on from the server machine

      Actual result

      The page at http://localhost:16000/?page=splash launches, but the admin console does not launch from there. I can launch the deployment assistant from another mac and console comes up and I'm using that as a work around but I'm going to have to reinstall everything from hand as I can't get to the prior configuration files.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No messages appear

      Configuration information

      Mac Mini 2011


      launching the console from another machine on the network

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               Hi Kenneth,

               As you know, this update is principally (until only?) a "java depedencies update"; so, one detail that may be very important is :

               What is the exact Java version that is installed in your server ?

               If you have installed the last yet : Java 7 Updade 17 at this time here :


               , i can also recommend you to erase caches here :

               System Preferences > Java > Temporary Internet Files > "Settings…" Button > "Delete" Button.

               Then, try another time from the FMS Start page.

               Another question : 

               Did you also try from a desktop computer ?

               Bye, Fred

               PS: i must install this update shortly to test few little things, so if encounter the same problem i will be back.cool

               PPS : Excuse me for my bad english.

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            !!! SOME IMPORTANT UPDATE HERE !!!

                 Hi Kenneth,

                 I passed the 12.0.4 FileMaker Server Update and i have some updates to bring since my previous post.

                 The new FMS installer provide the latest version of Java (JDK version that seems to be a more complete version than JRE that i linked above, but no comment, i'm not a Java specialist).

                 So, normally, your server have now the brand new version of Java, unless you refuse its installation that was prompted at the end of FMS installation process.

                 BUT, i also noticed several problems with launching Admin Console on my Mac OS 10.8.3 Server and Clients. In this situation, the success keywords - for me - were : FORGET SAFARI, USE FIRFOX. I even recommand to define it as the default navigator on your server, before installing FMS 12.0.4.

                 Assuming that you had correctly installed FMS 12.0.4, following all detailed informations in the FMS Getting Started doc, the next step are :  

            First : If not done yet, erase Java cache files, as described in my previous post.

            Second : If not done yet, install Firefox 20 here : http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

            Third : Access, with Firefox, to your FMS Startpage like http://[ServerIPAddress]:16000 and press the launch Admin Console button.

            Fourth : When prompted, choose to "execute with Java Web Start (default)".

                 After few seconds, you will normally be able to access your Admin Console and you will found an alias on your desktop to relaunch this app when wanted. Because with Safari, i encounter many times a problem when the process was attempting to create this shortcut.

                 Good Luck !