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    Admin Console Won't Start



      Admin Console Won't Start


      FileMaker Server


      Operating system version

      OSX Server 7.2

      Description of the issue

      Attempt to start the admin console fails.
      Cannot start it remotely or locally

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Go to http://localhost:16000 in browser.
      Click on "Start Admin Console"

      Expected result

      Opens Admin Console

      Actual result

      Doesn't open

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      From the Java Log

      Could not launch from cache. Will try online mode. [Some of required resources are not cached.]
      Using standard JNLP Launcher
      Show stack traces: log
      Arg = keep-alive-interval=60
      Arg = log-level=WARNING
      Arg = carrier-stream-provider=com.ulcjava.base.shared.TrivialCarrierStreamProvider
      Arg = url-string=https://localhost:16001/adminconsole.ulc
      Arg = launchtype=normal
      Arg = server-language=en
      Arg = server-timezone=America/Chicago
      AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher - using allCertsTrustManager
      AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher - Installing custom trust manager
      AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher - Register HttpURLConnection
      AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher - finished installing custom trust manager
      AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher - installing File Service
      AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher - installing Browser Service
      AdminConsoleJnlpLauncher - createSessionStateListener()

      Configuration information

      Single machine installation

      This was working earlier.

      May be related to permissions

      Tried fmsadmin RESTART ADMINSERVER from the terminal and it tries to start and then says DEAD PROCESS

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          There have been several reports made here or in the FM Server forum of problems with Lion and FM Server 11.04. Latest I've seen is that TSGal and company are busy trying to figure out what is the cause as they aren't having a lot of success in replicating the issue. You may want to find and subscribe to one of those other threads so that you can stay up to date with any fixes that get developed.

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            Thanks for the reply. It would be a great help is someone with a properly function FMS11 adv deployment for mac could post a list of the activity monitor processes that are active.

            I have 912    java                        fmserver

                     117    fmserver_helperd       fmserver

                     223    FM Web Publishing      fmserver

                     250    java                        fmserver

                     207    fmserverd                fmserver


            Is there supposed to be an fmsadmin process?

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              James Hamilton:

              Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

              This type of issue has not been reported, so your best bet is to contact our Technical Support department as they will help you through the installation process and depending on each step, know which path to take.  If you are in North America, please call toll-free 800-325-2747.  If outside of North America, contact the FileMaker office nearest you.

              I realize more than two months have passed since you first posted, so if you have since found a resolution, please post here so others with similar symptoms can benefit.

              FileMaker, Inc.