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    Admin problem



      Admin problem


      FileMaker Server


      Operating system version

      MAC OSX SERVER 10.6.8

      Description of the issue

      Every time I do the Admin console connection I get the error:
      "wrong username or password"

      I do not connect very often as the program usually works fine and I do not need to make modifications, but from time to time, like now, ex. I need to change the VAT % on invoicing file, so i need to create a new file and change some values in it so I need to access as Administrator.


      I know the problem is not in the username or password, last time it happened the same problem an I followed the instructions in a forum answer I'm not able to find again.

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          Enrico Guasco:

          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

          Does the problem occur every time you try to access Admin Console?  If you restart the server and log into Admin Console, do you get the same error?  If you redownload and reinstall the Admin Console, do you get the same problem?

          I know three months have passed, so if you have found a resolution, please post here so others who encounter a similar issue may benefit.

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