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    Administrator "fmsadmin" no longer responding; connection closed.



      Administrator "fmsadmin" no longer responding; connection closed.


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Windows Server 2008

      Description of the issue

      When I am logged into FMSAdmin Console and watching the back-ups (we are testing a server with FMS11 since it keeps going bad) I keep getting a frozen admin console (which will keep all back-ups from occurring until the frozen admin service has been resolved.. weeks at a time once).  The only way I know how to unlock this is to open the command prompt and type in the extension with "Restart ADMINSERVER" tacked onto the end.  This fixes the problem.
      I opened up FMS Log and found the following occurrence warning whenever this happens:
      "Administrator "fmsadmin" no longer responding; connection closed."
      I count seven occurrences of this over the past three days.

      Can anyone tell me what this is, what is causing it, and how to keep it from happening?

      Also, can anyone tell me if having to restart adminserver through command prompt, and freezing of the console like this, affects the open and running databases?  Are we going to lose information when this happens?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Run back-ups.  There is LOTS of space on the discs for them, and monitoring RAM and CPU usage we see that FMS never reaches even half the capacity it has been alloted.

      Actual result

      Backups run, and every other one to every third one freezes FMSAdmin.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      "Administrator "fmsadmin" no longer responding; connection closed."  (this is only visible in the log within FMS Admin Console)

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          Doe the reports in this link match what you see? FMS 10 scheduled back up starts but never completes. Winserver 2008.

          It's a known issue and several people have been reporting that FMS 11 does not fix the issue for all users.

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            Thanks for the link, searching didn't pull it up before.

            Pretty much the same, yes.  Calling support has been less than helpful, and reading the posts in that link I am not very likely to pay for priority support.  I would think they would know about this issue since it is so common and would tell us that "it is a known issue with no known resolution, but we're A. working on it or B. not bothering to work on it since it is mainly affecting windows users."  Whatever the reason, I see that no one is getting any support for this problem, and that it has been an issue since FMS10 came out (two years ago?) and instead of releasing a patch, they released v11 with the same bugs. 

            Also, I fix this problem when I type into the command prompt "Restart Adminserver" to just restart the console without losing any open connections.  I have done this and haven't been getting kicked off FMPro while I do it.  Much easier than trying to force our system down and back up.  Much quicker too. 
            Is there any way that we can't schedule (through) command prompt to restart adminserver every time it freezes, so I won't have to constantly monitor it?

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              I wish I could do that, but no joy as far as I know...

              I'm using FMS 10 and haven't heard of the command you are using. Maybe it's a FMS 11 command, but I'll give it a try the next time my admin locks up on a scheduled backup. I've been able to live with the issue on my system as..

              1. It only happens once every few months
              2. The database remains functional (except for scheduled backups) while it is locked
              3. We've been very careful how we restart the server and that's kept our files intact (so far).

              Others have suggested this process, but it's never worked for me:

              Use cd to get to the folder:

              1. C:\program files\filemaker\filemaker server\database server 
              2. To close your database files, go to the Command Line and enter:  fmsadmin close
              3. This will close all database files.
              4. fmsadmin stop server
              5. This will stop the server.  You can then reboot.

              When I've tried it, I get a request for a user name and password, I enter same and..... nothing the cmd window becomes unresponsive and I never get any indication that it worked. I end up restarting the server anyway. :-(

              I'm only mildly suprised that the tech support folks didn't know about it. The filemaker geeks have had trouble replicating the issue and never really officially acknowledged the bug for that reason. Then they announced that filemaker 11 fixed the problem which was odd since they weren't able to consistently reproduce the bug in the first place...

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                To be honest, I had to bother one of our regional sales reps, who had a systems engineer email me about our problem.  He is the one who gave me the command prompt line.  Here was his email (obviously don't just use his path.. it is missing the program files folder):

                If you give the option "SERVER" it will restart the database server, which isn't what you want in this case. If you give the option "ADMINSERVER", then it will just restart the admin server portion, which is what you want.

                You need to give the full path of fmsadmin, like this:

                "C:/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Database Server/fmsadmin" restart ADMINSERVER

                Copy and Paste that into the command line. You'll see it refrences the full path of fmsadmin and gives the restart command with the ADMINSERVER option.

                Lastly, that behavior that you're seeing with FMS not shutting down properly is another symptom of this same larger problem you're seeing. A hard reboot after asking everyone to quit will be your only recourse.


                This command line is the only thing that works.  Oh looky here, my console has frozen on the 5pm backup (it is now 6:42.. it only takes 15-23 minutes).  I think I will reply to the engineer now that I have some data for him.

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                  FileMaker support has been of no help on this issue. Obviously, they've known about it for months and can't seem to fix the problem.

                  There is a document, "fms11_help.pdf" which is not included in the Documentation folder, but which is available from the web site, http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/documentation.html 

                  This doc has a Troubleshooting section as well as a Command Line Reference. 

                  There is a command, "fmsadmin restart adminserver", which got my Admin Console back in action and fully responsive once again. Restarting the Admin Server does not restart FileMaker Server itself, only the software that serves the Admin Console. 

                • fmsadmin is available from both the Mac Terminal and Windows Command Prompt
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                    Yes, I'm on my third test server to see if we can figure out the issue.  Everything FileMaker throws at me, I correct, and yet it still won't work.  I really don't think that the servers are what is causing this issue.

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                      AshlyMG and akappy:

                      Thank you for your posts.

                      Yes, we are aware of a problem with the Admin Console becoming unresponsive.  However, we still do not know what is the cause.  At least in FileMaker Server 11 we now have a way to restart the Admin Console without having to restart FileMaker Server.  One common observation in the Event log shows a file backup starting but not completing, and that is what PhilModJunk was referring.

                      I would like to see your log files, including the tomcat/catalina files.  Check your Inbox for instructions where to send these files, as they may help us determine what is causing or contributing to this issue.

                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        I'm working pretty hard with a team, including a systems engineer from FileMaker.  We still have had no luck.  We are working to rebuild four of the databases that need help to "recover" and then maybe we will figure out why there is a huge problem with every installation of FMS11 I have tried to use.

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                          I'm guessing that you are asking for the logs only from AshlyMG as I have not received the further instructions. In fact, our Admin Console has been stable for weeks now, without need for restart.


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                            A message was also sent to your Inbox at 10:43 AM PDT.  If you don't have the instructions, let me know, and I'll send them again.

                            FileMaker, Inc.

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                              I did receive instructions regarding where to send files, not which files to send. There are quite a few log files, including many "tomcat/catalina" files. I don't recall when the last Admin Console quit occurred. Which files do you want?


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                                All log files would be appreciated.  Since we don't know what is causing this issue, all log files would be appreciated.  Be sure to include tomcat/catalina files for those days when the Admin Console stopped working.

                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  It's been a while since Admin Console's last crash. I'll gather the log files and send the next time a crash occurs.


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                                    I did have to restart Admin Server today. I've emailed the log files to the address as instructed.


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