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    Aligning objects results in half-size point positions.



      Aligning objects results in half-size point positions.


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.8.2

      Description of the issue

      One of the most frustrating behaviors in FileMaker 12 happens when you try to align objects with each other.

      After alignment, often times the objects will end up with position numbers that end with a .5 (a half-point-size)!

      On its own, this is problematic because it makes it very difficult to work with the numbers when they aren't whole numbers.

      But even more important is that there is a BUG associated with this problem. Whenever text objects have half-point-size placements on the layout, the text becomes blurry/bolded/very weird looking. The only way to fix this is to make sure that all text object have top & left position numbers that are WHOLE numbers, not half-numbers.

      This was not a problem in previous versions of FileMaker... after alignment, everything always ended up with a WHOLE NUMBER for its pixel position placement on the layout.

      Can FMI please revert back to previous behavior on this?

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          Markus Schneider


               and in this context: The fact that we can no longer constraint-drag*/constraint-drag&copy, is a mess. That guy who is responsible for those changes doesn't work mobile... try to work on a train and do some layouting - You'll getting mad, really mad

               among with the fact that we can't positioning a selection of objects using the inspector (without grouping/ungrouping) and every other click-on-an-object will move that object a bit (ie when selecting several objects by shift-clicking)... ouch. FileMaker 12 has it's superbe features - but changes on layouting doesn't belong to those features

               * we can constraint-drag, but not as under V11 and older. It works just one-way (vertical or horizontal) and it depends on when one presses 'shift'. Again, on (ie) a train (moving surface, shaky..) it's driving me mad. Guides won't help much here - and the 'auto-snap-meccano' helps as long as there are only a few objects

               so far so bad

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                 Markus!! Well said!! I wish the folks at FileMaker Inc. were listening to your very complaints!! These are 2 of my biggest gripes about FileMaker 12, and I have dozens of them.