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Aligning on vertical centers

Question asked by scottworld on May 2, 2014
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Aligning on vertical centers


FileMaker Pro



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OS X 10.9

Description of the issue

Starting in version 12 of FileMaker and continuing in version 13 of FileMaker, a new troublesome  behavior cropped up in layout mode.

Whenever you select multiple objects and choose to "align" those objects based on their "vertical centers" (Arrange > Align > Centers), FileMaker will often assign those items a left position that is NOT a whole integer number, but rather a FRACTION of a number.

This makes working with FileMaker EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for these reasons and other reasons:

1. Whenever an object does NOT have an INTEGER specified as its left position, but rather has a FRACTION of a number specified, the object will appear BLURRY on FileMaker's layout. Lines will be doubled up, text will be blurred, the whole thing is just a disaster. Objects MUST be given a whole integer to look properly on the layout.

2. Is an object doesn't have an INTEGER specified as its left position, it makes it very difficult to use any of the other grid-aligning tools in FileMaker, such as "snap to grid", "major grid spacing", and "minor grid spacing".

The IDEAL SOLUTION would be for FileMaker to align objects how it used to align objects in FileMaker 11… which is that everything always gets an INTEGER after aligning, no fractions of numbers. I can't see any reason that any developer would ever WANT a fraction of a number, so this makes the most sense.