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Always requires password, closing one file closes them all, dropdown select doesn't work

Question asked by MarinoPascal on Dec 13, 2010
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Always requires password, closing one file closes them all, dropdown select doesn't work


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker Pro 11.0v2

Operating system version

Mac OsX 10.6.5

Description of the issue

Sorry for bundling these seemingly unrelated issues but they all started at the same time and the only explanation I have is corrupt installtion of FMP. I re-installed and was good for a couple of days but then they came back. My install file came from the 2 for 1 download and was named

I've been using FMP since version 3. It is possible that files that I have used over the years may have become corrupt but I can duplicate these errors on brand new files from the bundled templates or bare bones new files that have just one field and no scripts, relationships or calculations.

What are the issues?
#1 Opening a file always requires password (usr:Admin, pass:empty works most of the time.) This is very annoying when I open a solution that has 12 related files. Then I need to enter a password 12 times. Telling Keychain to remember has no effect.
This had never happened before I've been using these files for 10 years but as I said even brand new files ask for password.

#2 Closing one file, closes them all. Even new files with no relationships or scripts. I may have 3 unrelated files open. Contacts, photo library, expenses. Closing one of the will close them all.

#3 Dropdown select. I click inside a field with a dropdown menu, the menu appears. I click on an item, the item gets highlighted. I doubleclick to enter the item's value... nothing happens. Only the RETURN key will enter the value.

#4 URLs like in text fields are clickable without a Go To URL script button.