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An unexpected problem has occured. Bento must quit

Question asked by hbbeijing on Dec 20, 2009
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An unexpected problem has occured. Bento must quit

Description of the issue

Hi. Just bought the bento 3 family pack, after bento 3 was running nicely on one of my imac desktops. Just installed on a MacBook Air (Mac OS 10.6), and right from the beginning, I get the "An unexpected problem has occured. Bento must quit" error. After hitting the "send report" button, Bento does not quit. It displays multiple address books on the left (one more for each new try, it seems), but none of the address book libraries shows any entries.  After reading a bit in this forum, I tried deleting the plist-file, repairing disk permissions twice and re-installing the software already, to no avail. I remember having downloaded a trial version of Bento 2 onto this MacBook Air laptop some time ago, but I never used it. Other than that, configuration of my Mac OS here is pretty similar to the imac desktop, where, as I mentioned, Bento 3 is running fine (albeit a different software, purchased alone, not part of the family pack that is now causing problems). Any fixes? Thanks.