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Announcing the release of the Known Bug List Database

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jun 28, 2010
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Announcing the release of the Known Bug List Database

Description of the issue

I have been using a database to maintain the Known Bug List for quite some time. I've thought of sharing this DB with fellow developers but have been too busy to "pretty it up" for public use. I've now done so. This file is fully unlocked--feel free to use code from it if you see a technique you like. It should be compatible with all recent versions of filemaker--especially 10 and 11 as I haven't included any special 11 only features. It should work equally well on both Mac and Windows platforms but I don't have a Mac system to test it on--so let me know if you download it and have problems with it on a Mac system. I plan to reply back to this thread with a new link each time I upload a new version to the share site. I will also be updating the first message of the Known Bug List thread with this same link. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Feel free to post them here. To Download a free filemaker database version of this list: