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Another Oversight in FM12: Scrollbars on PCs

Question asked by content on Apr 22, 2012
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Another Oversight in FM12: Scrollbars on PCs


FileMaker Pro


FM12 Pro Advnaced

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

View the attached graphic in order to understand that scrollbars on PCs have a general standard appearance and that in FM12, portal scrollbars have the opposite light/dark relation.  This injects a completely unnecessary confusion factor for the user.

The obvious solution is to provide color settings for the scrollbar "pad" and for the "track" (including track=transparent).

Steps to reproduce the problem

Build a scrollable portal.  Build a scrollable value list.  Observe the different appearance (light over dark versus dark over light).

Expected result

Appearance consistent with FM12 value lists and with other applications on the PC.

Actual result

Only portals have the light/dark relationship backwards.


None known.  Explicit settings must be provided that can be independent of any Theme in order to support a wide range of GUI usages.