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Append to PDF Error 800

Question asked by bruno on Nov 5, 2008
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Append to PDF Error 800

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Any news about this ?  Subject: Append to PDF Error 800    In response to bdam    03/27/08 02:10 PM - Post#286050     - Post Rank:             It seems that the Append PDF steps are screwing up the NTFS Permissions on the files. The step that creates the file inherits the permissions correctly from the enclosing folder. However, the step that appends to it disables inheritance on the permissions and adds only the Administrator and SYSTEM groups as well as some other unrecognized account 'Account Unkonwn(SID)'. So somehow, FileMaker is changing the file permissions in a way that disables it's own access to the file.Use the script debugger to stop after each PDF step and check the permissions as you go along.Edited by bdam on 03/27/08 02:12 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.