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Applescript apps and Mac OS X Lion

Question asked by irishetcher on Jul 21, 2011
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Applescript apps and Mac OS X Lion


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

10.6.8 & 10.7

Description of the issue

Can't get applescript to work in 10.7 Lion/have workaround for Snow Leopard.

Basically I was able to create an applescript earlier this year that would run with the send Event script step in FM11. Having tried all the configuration options in the Send Event dialogue I finally discovered through research on the net that the only way to achieve the result I wanted was to compile the script in apple script and save it as an application and then configure Send Event to use this. The thing is that only a version of Apple Script Editor from an older version of of OS X could create an script app that would work. Now with OS X Lion this does not work anymore. The script app is Power PC and of course Lion does not run the Rosetta emulator anymore.

Steps to reproduce the problem

My script resizes Safari windows so that they sit above a filemaker window at the bottom of my screen.

the script is as follows:

tell application "Safari"
     set the bounds of the first window to {0, 0, 1600, 690}
end tell

As I said it does not run for me if placed directly into the Script Text field in the Send Event dialogue; only works compiled as an app from an older version of Apple Script Editor.

Expected result

Resize browser window.

Actual result

Does not work or I get error messages

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

I get the following error message if I try the script compiled as an app with Snow Leopard's version of Apple Script Editor

The file “” could not be found and is required to complete this operation.

I note when I try selecting the script app the target application is blank which explains the message. Selecting the script app compiled with the older apple script editor shows its name as the targeted App