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    AppleScript current record wrong order problem (introduced in FM12)



      AppleScript current record wrong order problem (introduced in FM12)


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

      Description of the issue

      When some fields, e.g. customer, firstname, lastname getting re-ordered in the layout position, e.g. to lastname, firstname, customer, the order in different AppleScript queries gets wrong.

      name of every field -- this works ok

      current record -- this gives the wrong order

      This problem has been introduced in FM12, it was not existing in previous versions. It means our commercial FileTime-X (www.ragtime.de) FileMaker add-on cannot work proper anymore.

      We need to get this fixed, thank you for looking into it.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Change order of fields within an layout

      Expected result

      Same order

      Actual result

      Wrong order

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               Helmut Tschemernjak:

               Thank you for the post.


               I would like to better understand the issue. Could you post a screenshot of the AppleScript being used along with a brief description of what the AppleScript should do?


               Please note that FileTime-X is third party software not created by FileMaker Inc., and the current most headline on the developer's website states:


               "FileMaker 12 is not compatible with FileTime-X  the RagTime extension to integrate FileMaker data bases into a RagTime document."


               If the goal is to get FileTime-X updated to work with FileMaker Pro 12, then the best path to a resolution would be to contact the developers of that particular third party software for more information.



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Dear TSFalcon,

                 I am from RagTime.de Development GmbH and we work on the FileTime X compatibility with FM12. We communicate via AppleEvents natively from our RagTime C++ application to FileMaker 12 and earlier, we added complete FM12 support, however the follwing is a bug in FileMaker 12 and we need to get this addressed by FileMaker. To keep it simple here are the three steps to reproduce it.

                 1) You create a database with three fields in a layout called:




            Now you modify the layout position by swapping lastname and firstname




            This means the graphical layout order is different compared to the initial order, this is pretty common because customers add and re-order fields within the layout.



                 2)  The field list in the right order

                 tell application "FileMaker Pro"

                   tell window 1

                     name of every field

                   end tell

                 end tell


                 3)  The content in the wrong order (fist and last name swapped)

                 tell application "FileMaker Pro"

                   tell window 1

                current record

                   end tell

                 end tell

                 We need to get identical order with "current record" and "name of every field".
            Our FileTime X solution is quite big, about 20 speadsheet functions to access FM, mail merge with FM data, drag & drop of FM fields into RagTime layouts, etc.
            Thank you for looking into it.