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Application 'locks up' while resizing or moving columns

Question asked by Trex23 on Feb 11, 2010
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Application 'locks up' while resizing or moving columns

Description of the issue

Hello, I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3 and I've encountered a strange bug that occurs sometimes when I try to resize or move a column in the Table View mode.  Essentially the program acts as if my mouse button is always clicked and refuses to "unclick" when trying to move or resize a column.  In other words I'm stuck resizing or moving the column border around and I can't get the program to let me do anything else. I end up having to force quite the application. This has happened a number of times (but not all the time) and I can't discern any particular movement, keystroke, etc that I'm doing to make this happen. Any ideas? Rich