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Application Conflicts

Question asked by hagavard on Dec 5, 2009
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Application Conflicts

Description of the issue

Filemaker Pro 10.v3OS: XP Prior to a week or so ago FP10.v3 was working perfectly with all other applications on my computer system. Then the following problem manifested itself:  From complete shutdown and then startup, Filemaker as the first application to be opened, opens and and works perfectly in all respects. However, I can't open any other applications: IE, Office, etc. If I close FP, then I can open all other applications, but I can not re-open FP even after all other applications have been closed. From complete shutdown and then startup, all applications open and work perfectly as individual applications but FP will not open in the presence of any other application or after any other application has been opened and then closed. I've run the "recovery" program on the FP collection, but no change in behaviour. I've checked and repaired all drivers, but no change in behaviour. I've downloaded and installed FP 10.v3 but no change in behaviour.  If I transfer the FP collection to my laptop everything works normally; I can have multiple applications open to include FP and all works well. I have reported the problem multiple times via the automated "report this problem to microsoft" error screen, but I don't know if FP gets a copy of these reports.  Any assistance would be appreciated. hagavard