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Artifacts (stray characters or graphics) when creating new layouts in Filemaker Pro 12

Question asked by MichaelWeisenberg on Jun 5, 2012
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Artifacts (stray characters or graphics) when creating new layouts in Filemaker Pro 12


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

MAC OSX 7 (Lion)

Description of the issue

I am a new user of Filemaker Pro 12 and I have developed a new database file. When configuring a new layout for my database, I find two aberrations and I am unsure whether to  attribute to user error (my own!) or to a Filemaker Pro bug:

FIrst, I have found in a new layout I created as a listing, some occasional stray characters or graphic figures that appear once I save & exit the layout and enter browse mode. The stray characters or graphic figures (artifacs) come & go and sometimes appear in layout browse mode but do not appear in preview mode (or vice versa). Occasionally, but not often, these stray graphics will also appear in a printed layout. The stray characters most often appear in my layout header and often represent some (but not all) of the text characters I may have previously entered elsewhere in the header as part of a label.

I also find that occasionally the numeric format of a field output does not appear correctly in my layout once in browse mode. For example, I may have formated a numeric field to appear in my layout as a decimal with 0 places, but instead it appears as a %. This only occurs in the body of my layout.  This most often occurs when I have other fields in the layout body also formatted to appear as a percentage, for which they do correctly.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Please see above

Expected result

Expect to not see stray characters or artifacs in layouts I have  created and not to have chosen numeric formats change once layout is saved & exited

Actual result

Please see above

Configuration information

I have attached a screen shot of one recent layout which illustrates the problem. Please note the slight artifac(stray graphic) found in the header for the “Interim Quiz #2” Label. Also note the incorrrect percentage format for the “Total Number of Absences” field found in the layout body. Note that when in layout mode, this field is correctly formatted as a decimal with 0 places as shown in the inspector.

Please let me know whether my observations are caused by user error (my own) rather than a bug in the program. Thanks.


Thus far, in most instances described above, I have worked arouind the problem by deleting and then re-applying the errant field (either the text in the header or the numeric field in the body of my layout). In many cases, this seems to alleviate my problem, but it still occasionally occurs.