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ATI Video driver crashes

Question asked by BillWade on Oct 5, 2010
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ATI Video driver crashes


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows XP w/ SP3

Description of the issue

I have a network of 7 machines running FileMaker Pro 11 that we just upgraded to in August from FileMaker 6. Three of the workstations are new, identical machines with AMD X2 250 CPU's, 2GB's of RAM, and onboard ATI Radeon 2100 graphics. The other workstations are a hodgepodge of various hardware of various ages.

The problem is on just the three new machines, and none of the others.

The databases we run are fairly simple customer account record keeping. FileMaker has a tendancy to crash the video driver on the new comps, usually when going from one customer's records, to another.

It was causing similar crashes that would happen several times a day with the older version of FileMaker that we were running on these machines. To me, it sounds like a video driver needs to be updated, but the drivers on the comps are all up to date. ATI's driver for this video chipset is their Catalyst 10.2 Legacy with no new updates.

The newest version of FileMaker doesn't crash nearly as often, but it does still cause video driver crashes.