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Attempting to import a file crashes filemaker

Question asked by MichaelRutland on Mar 1, 2013
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Attempting to import a file crashes filemaker


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Microsoft server 2008 r2

Description of the issue

When working in filemaker there has been a button setup to help import a file into our system. I click the import button and make it through several steps but when I encounter a setfield that should open a dialog box to select the file I would like to import filemaker crashes with no error message. This occurs upwards of 10 times before it works once and then the problem restarts. No one else in the company encounters this problem on a regular basis maybe once a month. Our company runs filemaker off a server which everyone has access too instead of purely running a copy on the desktop. Does anyone know why this would occur only for me.

Steps to reproduce the problem

click import
the button then
sets the layout number
checks if a category = deleted
sets a global field to ""
runs an import script which contains multiple if statments to set another global variable.
next an external script is run to create a new record in the database being referenced and known data fields set
A sort is called based upon date followed by a pause script
then this is where the dialog box is encountered and the program crashes

Expected result

open a dialog box to select the file to be imported

Actual result

filemaker crashes

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no text appears


continue running the script till it operates properly