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Attendance management

Question asked by natasha on Oct 10, 2010
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Attendance management


FileMaker Pro



Description of the issue

Hi All,
I am using basic functions of filemaker since 4years, and would like to develope a database which can manage the student attendance and can do the following:
We have 200 students out of which 50 are for HNC course, 50 are for HND course all courses have different start dates and end dates.
I would like the database to perfoem the following functions:
1- We can upload the student details via excel sheet.
Students can be assigned towards their course.
Lecturers can create an attendance sheet on daily basis and when they create new record of attendance they can just select the course name and start date and all the student names automatically comes to the sheet and then lecturers can mark the daily attendance.
2- We will be able to calculate the attendance in these criteria:
Students who missed 6 consecutive lectures in given period of dates (criteria can be given at this point)
students who missed 10 consecutive lectures
students who missed 20 consecutive lectures
students whose attendace is below 80% in given period of dates (criteria can be given at this point)
3- we could be able to generate class reports , summary of attendance weekly daily and monthly etc

Could some one plz help me to develop this database