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Attendance Report will not Display All Contacts

Question asked by FrederickBeckley on Jan 12, 2015
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Attendance Report will not Display All Contacts


FileMaker Pro


12.0 v4

Operating system version

12.0 v4

Description of the issue

In the layout option "Attendance Report", filemaker will not display all registered contacts. In the attached .png, for example, it lists the total number of students as 7, but displays only 1 name.

Additionally, whenever trying to print or save a .pdf file of this report, it will not display anything as appears in the attached .png - it only prints or saves blank lines.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I open filemaker (I have tried restarting the program several times, from multiple computers) and set "layout" to attendance report. I then use the "find" key to search for a specific report. Once the report has been pulled up, the problem appears.

When I try to print this screen, the 2nd problem (not printing anything but lines) also appears.

Expected result


Actual result


Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information