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    Audio Fields Loading VERY Slowly



      Audio Fields Loading VERY Slowly


      FileMaker Pro



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      Description of the issue

      I have a view with about 30 fields with two of those fields containing audio.  The two audio fields hold .mp3 files and are usually between 20-50MB in size.  The remaining fields are strictly text.

      When I load my view, all the text fields appear instantly, however, the audio fields can take anywhere from 45 seconds to upwards of 8 minutes to load.  The time it takes to load is not consistent. Of course, my first thought was my connection speed but that is consistently in the 25-30Mbps range.

      Has anybody else experienced this same thing?  Is there some sort of data integrity or encryption/decryption going on at the server that may be causing this?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Load a new record.  Reloading a previously viewed record, in which the audio finally loaded, loads immediately including the audio since it is now cached client-side.