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Audio files not working on iphone and ipad

Question asked by PatriciaSmith on Apr 22, 2012
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Audio files not working on iphone and ipad


FileMaker Go


Go_iPad 12.0.2

Operating system version

5.1 (9B176)

Description of the issue

I created a Filemaker Pro 12 database on my Windows 7 machine with container fields with audio that works on my Mac and Windows just fine.  I moved it to my iPad and iPhone and the audio doesn't work.  I saw a recommendation to copy the audio from the iOS and I did that until I noticed the file size went from 9 MB to 380 MB with many more entries to be added.  Then the file became corrupted.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I thought that I may be able to copy the audio on the Mac computer to get it to work.  When I copied the files, the Mac no longer played the audio.

Expected result

I expected the Container field with the audio to be able to play the audio.

Actual result

I touch the place with the audio file and get View, Replace, Export, and Delete.  Export just resulted in text file.  View shows that I have a moviewin: with an extension of m4a.