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Authentication Failed log messages in Server 10

Question asked by shearn on Jan 13, 2010
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Authentication Failed log messages in Server 10

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involvedFileMaker Pro Server 10v2FileMaker Pro 10 (regular or Advanced) Operating System(s) involvedWindows Server 2003Windows XP, Windows7 (for the workstations) Detailed description of the issueWe are using FMS10 on WS2003 with external authentication; have been for years. Just recently I noticed that we've been getting server error 661:Client "Workstation" authentication failed on database "Project_.fp7" using "username [fmapp]".One of our systems is a converted solution that was never consolidated and so has about 30 files. The main hosted file that's opened first does not get the error above but all the files that are opened by that first file do. Not using any opener files, this behaviour is exhibited even if the user manually opens the first file from the Open Remote dialog.The error only happens for Windows users, not Mac users. It's not tied to certain accounts since I can open the file with my login from my mac, get no errors, open the files from a pc I've logged in to and then get the errors.The errors are logged to server's event logs, no errors are apparent to the users; the solution opens fine and quickly (although it is slower to open on Windows than it is on a mac).Found an article in the KB that talks about the authentication order and I've confirmed that all files do not have an "Open with" account set and all internal accounts are set before the EA accounts in the authentication order for all files.If the parent file is opened with Single Sign-on (SS), shouldn't that be passed to the other files it opens via scripts or relationships? Exact steps to reproduce the issueHost a solution with multiple files so that the first file has scripts to open the other files. Host with Server10 on Windows Server 200, open the solution from a Windows pc running FMP10 using external authentication and single sign-on. Expected ResultTo get no error messages in the log. Actual Resultsee Server Warning error 661: Client "Workstation" authentication failed on database "Project_.fp7" using "username [fmapp]" Exact text of any error message(s) that appearedClient "jcovell" authentication failed on database "Project_.fp7" using "jcovell [fmapp]".Client "jcovell" authentication failed on database "Paymnts_.fp7" using "jcovell [fmapp]".Client "jcovell" authentication failed on database "Invoice Sched_.fp7" using "jcovell [fmapp]".etc.. for all files opened after the first one. Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issuenoneAny workarounds that you have foundFortunately no error is reported to the user; they are unaware there was a problem as the system opens normally.