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Authentication works differently in FM 9 vs 10 or 11

Question asked by Pilottech on Aug 31, 2010
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Authentication works differently in FM 9 vs 10 or 11


FileMaker Pro


FM9, 10, 11

Operating system version

Macintosh, OS 10.6.4 and others

Description of the issue

I have a solution which creates call report records for specific clients in a "People" database. The call report records are stored in a separate file. Both files have the same user login and password combinations for many users. However, the access priv are different for different users in both files.

The People file displays a portal that allows the creation of new records (via a script) in the related file. When a new record is created, a series of fields are populated, including date, time, current priv & current account name of the user, date, time, client ID, etc.

All of this works fine. The problems occur later, when 3 calculated fields, one for OK to View, OK to Edit and OK to delete are used to allow certain operations based on the comparison of the login priv for each user in both files.  If the login and that user's priv are different than those stored in the related file, users may not be able to edit, view or delete a record.

For example, a record may be marked complete, and users with a particular login (like the login that created it) are not supposed to be able to edit it, if the OK to edit is "NO". There are many case statements that determine the status of the fields used in the comparisons.  Fields seem to display properly in the related file.  This works fine in FM9 where the contents of the fields are recogized correctly by priv. settings, but not in 10 or 11.

Similar problems occur with the view and edit, even though the fields are calculating correctly. For example the calculated field for edit may say "no" for the logged in user, but even though the user's edit priv are set to only be available when the field says "yes". The same thing happens with other fields

As I said, the processes work fine in FMPro 9, but not 10 or 11.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or are there any suggestions on how to work around it?

Bill Pederson
Pilot Technologies, Inc.
Eden Prairie MN

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open the file in FM 9, everything works as expected with the appropriate limitations on viewing, editing or deleting.

Open the same file, using the same account login and pw, but using FMPro 10 or 11 and the previous restrictions present in version 9 don't work.  Users can edit, view or delete any record, anytime.

Expected result

I expected the restrictions which worked in FM9 to be exactly the same in 10 and 11.

Actual result

Restrictions don't work in 10 or 11.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No messages.

Configuration information

Mac OS version 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6, with FMPro 9, 10, 11


None so far.