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Auto enter on import

Question asked by JeanAnneMayhall on Feb 18, 2012
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Auto enter on import


FileMaker Pro



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Windows 7

Description of the issue

I use the file name of an excel spreadsheet as the auto enter DATA description for records I am importing from an Excel file into Filemaker Pro.   All is well. However, when I later create a NEW record, the same auto enter DATA (in this case the file name of the Excel file) still populates the field...even though I am NOT importing.  It confuses the accuracy of our Find for that particular excel filename because any new records entered also carry the same 'data'. 
What am I doing wrong? 
The only way I can see to stop that 'data' from auto entering with each new record is to erase it from the data desciption box in the auto enter menu?  That can't be right?
Jean Anne