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      auto sort



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      Mac OS 10.6.8

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      I cannot work with this new (PRO11) with its auto sort feature.  I have had to go back to my (old PRO 03) which does not have auto sort.
      As for this (PRO11). If I have sorted a certain field, lets call it "Notes" it will remain in this sort routine and move my records around as I edit them with such unintentional consequences and it is time consuming to get it back in the sort order I want. It will not do to simply choose unsort.  I've added a field with a correspondingly location along side my target field and number these records as I need to,,, 1 2 3 4 5 etc. Then I sort on that new field, and now I can go back to my initial field and work without it moving all over the place.  But that is not always fool proof, but it is a pain.
        I had waited long before I upgraded to the PRO11 for you mew I MAC.  Now I wish I hadn't upgraded.  Is there a fix to turn off the (auto sort?) until then I'll be on the ( old 03 )


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          No there's no good workaround, it's an INCREDIBLY STUPID "feature" we need to be able to control it (and I hope FM Inc in the future will show it's devs more respect when introducing new feature that completly change the behaviour of our hardly coded solutions !)

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            A simple work around was shared here by UlearnIT, in the forum back when FileMaker 10 was the latest release. (We were "blessed" with this new feature when 10 was released.)

            It's definitely a kludge, but it works.

            Use a script with this line it:

            Pause/resume [indefinitely]

            As long as the script is paused, you can edit your records but they will not auto-sort until you continue the script. ULearnIT suggested adding an "Edit mode" button to the layout to run this script and lock down the order in this fashion.

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              Thank you PhilModjunk, ... for the quick fix.  It worked with the first script I wrote, and with a little time spent writing this, fix-sort-script, for each field I need sorted, I will be able to use the FM 11.   I assume FillMaker will not be offering a "deselect auto sort feature" any time soon or they would have offered it by now????   I can imagine many situations in which using this auto sort is a real pain... I have really liked this program for its versatility, starting with the FM 3, but as the compurter wear or so do a perfictly fine programs.

              Again Thank you,


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                I would love to see the option to disable the auto-sort. A number of us have used the Feature Suggestion Form to ask for this, but as a fellow user have no more access than you to whether or not FileMaker will change this or not in a future release.