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    auto sort makes my data base uneditable



      auto sort makes my data base uneditable


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      I am still using v9 even though I bought 10 and 11.  It is because with the way I use the data base I can't have it auto sort every time I change a record.  I have to change several - maybe over 100, and then hit sort or everything scatters to the four winds.  Is there an option that would let it wrk like v9?

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          Many of us have complained over that fact that we cannot simply disable auto-sort by setting a FileMaker property to disable it after an initial sort of the records.

          There is a trick I learned here from ULearnIT that can serve as a work around with a bit of careful design work.

          If you perform a script that stops with an indefinite pause, you can edit the records, but they will not resort as long as the script remains paused. Thus you can kick off a script that sorts your records and then it pauses to disable the auto-sort. Buttons on this layout will need to terminate this paused script by using Halt Script as a final script step or the halt or resume options in button setup.