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Auto-Enter Context Lost After ESS Data Sync

Question asked by hschlossberg on Mar 22, 2012
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Auto-Enter Context Lost After ESS Data Sync


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Win XP

Description of the issue

One of my client's solutions uses ESS for most of its tables.  Two fields were added to one of the SQL tables, so we had to re-sync the table (using FM11).

After the sync, we were no longer able to add new records.  After about six hours (for what should have taken 5-10 minutes), I finally figured out why:

Most of the fields' auto-enter calcs were fine, but four of them had the wrong starting context!  It's been the case for nearly ever that any new fields in this table always start with the wrong context because the main TO we are using was not the first one added.  But yesterday, everything was fine; everything was set properly and users had been using it trouble-free for months.  But today after the ESS sync, four fields were incorrect.

Has anyone else seen this?  Is it a "known" issue?  Can you think of anything that would contribute to this?