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Auto-Scrolling in Script Workspace makes it pretty much unusable for long scripts.

Question asked by steveallen0112 on May 20, 2015
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Auto-Scrolling in Script Workspace makes it pretty much unusable for long scripts.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 8, 64bit

Description of the issue

In the Script Workspace, when working in a long script, and adding, deleting, or moving script line(s), the workspace automatically scrolls back up so that the line(s) in question are at the bottom of the space, when they might have been, for example, in the middle or even at the top.  This is highly annoying, and beyond that makes the workspace nearly unusable.

When combined with the bug that randomly puts lines somewhere else in the script (which this behavior tends to trigger often), it goes from really annoying and nearly unusable to completely maddening and totally unusable.

After about an hour of this, I went back to 13.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Go into a long script (longer than your window).
Go to a line that is "below the fold" (i.e. one you have to scroll to).
Scroll until line in question is somewhere other than the bottom (say, for example, the middle).
Add a new line.
Watch window scroll position jump so new line is at the bottom of the window.

Expected result

The scroll position would stay the same, and all lines above and inclusive of the selected line would stay visually put, with all lines below being moved down one, visually, to make room for the new line, which would be inserted in the new visual space.

Actual result

The script (all lines) is scrolled so that the new line is visually inserted at the bottom of the workspace.