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    Autofill in fields



      Autofill in fields


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      microsoft windows xp

      Description of the issue

      I am using the trial version of filmaker. I have used a template and altered it, copying and pasting the entry boxes. Once saved and attemptintg to enter information into the field boxes, it autofills information from one field box to all of them.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I triede turning on and off multiple field functions.

      Expected result

      i would like to be able to enter information into these fields independantly without autofill.

      Actual result

      same results.

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          Can you please post which template you started with?

          It sounds like you may have copies of the same field on the layout. Are you sure these are different fields? Check by going to Layout mode and look at the field names.

          TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.

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            I used the research note template. I suspected that copying the field box may be the issue , but had no luck in finding how to creat a new one in the edit window. Thanks for your continued help.

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              Do you want to create a new field? If so, go to File > Manage > Database… and choose the Fields section. Create a new field there.

              Then you can use the field on any layout. 

              To change an existing field, go into Layout mode and double-click the field. Then choose which one you want it to be.

              TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.

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                after playing aorund with these two methods, it has only solved the problem with two out of nine text boxes. Im not quite sure what i am doing wrong.

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                  Maybe you can take a screenshot of the layout when you are in layout mode and post it here?

                  You will need to upload it to a server first - if you do not have your own, try using Tinypic.

                  TS_Oz, FileMaker Inc.

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                    You can also click the edit link on your first post and upload your screen shot directly to the forum. That adds your screenshot directly to your first post, but it's a bit simpler than setting this up with a share site.

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                      Hi Phil

                      I couldn't see how to do that without an image URL. How do I upload a screenshot directly?

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                        In the very first post, not any of the answers, you have a control you can click to browse your hard drive to select a file to upload to the forum. Try starting your own message thread or click the edit link to the very first post of this thread and you'll see controls for this. It'd be nice if we had such controls to upload an image when posting answers, not just the initial message, but at least that's one more post to which we can directly upload an image file than we could with the old Lithium software! Wink

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                          Ah so that is because this is an issue report as opposed to a standard post.

                          OK, thanks for the clarification.

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                            No that's not it. The original issue report also has this control. Scroll to the top of this screen click the edit link for Quinns original post--I assume you have edit permissions to do this--and you'll see a link for uploading screen shots just above the save button. It's just that any answers we post to these reports do not have this link.

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                              That is what I am saying - the original issue report has the option to post an image because it is an issue report. Subsequent standard posts (and posts to other forums) do not have this option. Yes I have seen the option when editing the original issue report. Thanks.

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                                You can also upload images to original posts in the other forums--not sure if that was clear or not. Wink

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                                  I am also having another problem with what comes up on my "research note report". The typing in the shaded area or header of the report does not represent any typing in any of the firelds ( though i wouldd like it to represent that in the first one ). Second, how do i change what is represented under the "topic" and "subject" portion of the report. These are a reflection of what is in one of the field boxes , but i want to know how to make it reflect info in another text box.



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                                    The shaded area is a sub summary part that allows you to group a series of notes under a common category, the cateogry field on your original record detail layout. When you access this layout, you should also sort your records by category so that you can see this grouping with the contents of your category field providing sub heads for each group.

                                    ...how do i change what is represented under the "topic" and "subject" portion of the report. These are a reflection of what is in one of the field boxes , but i want to know how to make it reflect info in another text box.

                                    I don't see any field named "subject" in my copy of the starter solution. Is that a new field that you've added in Manage | Database | Fields?

                                    I really can't picture exactly what you mean by "I want to make it reflect in another text box".

                                    It might help to imagine a spread sheet or ledger of information. Each individual row of such a table is a record and each cell within the table is a field. The names of each field are represented by the column headers. When you enter layout mode and copy a field, you are simply specifying that a field which already exists should now display its contents in this new location on your layout.

                                    There are certainly ways to link records and fields so that data entered in one box appears in others--quite a few different approaches can be used for that effect. Which is the best method depends on exactly what you are trying to do here.

                                    You may want to invest in a book on FileMaker or an on line FileMaker tutorial so that you can get a better grasp of what's going on "under the hood" with your file so that you can more effectively figure out how to do what you need to do here.