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Awfully slow, XML import buggy Mac OS X FM Server 10 : skip it use FMS 9

Question asked by Vincent_L on Mar 21, 2009
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Awfully slow, XML import buggy Mac OS X FM Server 10 : skip it use FMS 9

Description of the issue

Hi, Since january I use FMP 10 as the developer to get the new script triggering feature and try to work around the highly debated shortcomings of it, My server was still FMS 9. Due to the fact that I upgarded to 10.5.6 and the latest java which FMS 9 admin is not compatible anymore (which is a total shame in itself) I was forced t upgrade to FMP 10, plus I had the secret desire that "improvement in use of multiple core" would do marvels with my quad core Mac Pro 2,66Ghz. During the FMS 9 + FMP 10 clint I was imune to xml import issue people complain about on mac 10.5.6 but not anymore. FMS 10 + FMP 10 client (or at least FMPA client) makes XML import hang ! As my solution relies heavilly on XML imports at least 20 a day, I was forced to re-put a FMP 9 client as my robot (and NO FM Inc folks contrary to what you falsely advert robots are still needed with FMP 10, because you can't launch Applescript from server for instance) But that not the worse, now my 10 users are saying FMP is awfully slow ! and my robots also show that slownes. With FMS 9 only one CPU was use never more than 60 percent (which is bad by the way - who cares about 40% iddle CPU ?), With FMP10 each 4 core are sometimes used, with CPU utilisatio up to 150% but for NOTHING, it's just slower than before.Plus the whole machine (even though it should be abke to go up to 400% cpu utilisation) slows to a crawl. According to Mac OS X monitor's ther's no disk I/O involved so the disk is not the issue. I think FM Inc has put a multicore support in it just for marketing purpose without actually ensuring it was faster than the previous FMP 9 one.My deployment is not heavy 10 eople a most, never more than 5 doing something simultaneously. I think the slownes is either while doing scheduled backups (which I do in 15 minutes frequences since ever, with FMP 6 it was a pain, FMS 9 was great and FMS 10 seems to suck) or while doing schedued imports/scripts frome the robot whil user actuelly use the database, or both phenomenon.  Doing an heavy export script (involving many many usntored calc from other related tables) whit only one client, the bot, CPU never passed 30% mark, stupid (not a network / disk I/o issue as no disk IO where registered and no network issue beacause bot was on same machine as server for this test, yes I know, that it's not supported but with FMS 9 it's 4 times faster than if the robot is on a networked client)