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    Backups create a new time stamped folder



      Backups create a new time stamped folder


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Windows 2008 64bit

      Description of the issue

      In older versions of filemaker you could backup files to the same folder and overwrite now you have to backup and create a new timestamped folder each time?

      For backing up offsite this creates lots of issues.

      Most offsite backup software will do file versioning but this only works if you backup the same file (location and name). If you backup the same name but to a new (timestamped) folder it thinks it is a new set of files and hence no versioning.

      The other issue is that it backups the entire folder (because of the folder name change) each time and not just the database files within that folder that have changed. I only have a 4GB database folder but 4GB x 5 each week is 20GB x 52 weeks = 1.04TB per annum...

      Can YOU PLEASE add a tickbox:
      Timestamp backup folders (yes / no)

      An do some more research on offsite backup not just local.


      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Just run a backup and you can see if creates a new folder name every time.

      Expected result

      To be able to have a check box:
      Timestamp backup folders (yes / no)


      I wish there was one. Because we have 50GB of offsite storage I have to manually going in and delete some of the older backup folders.

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          Workaround:  I wish there was one

          You could write a VBScript or batch file that copies your latest back up copy to a specified folder that does not have this attached date. Windows TaskManager can be set up to perform this script a safe interval after your server scheduled back up takes place. Then your back up software can do it's thing with this folder.

          A bit of a pain to set up, but workable. I use a similar VBScript to copy most recent nightly back ups to a different machine on my network.

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            Simon Page:

            Thank you for your post (and thank you PhilModJunk for the workaround).

            I encourage you to enter this suggestion into our Feature Requests web form at:


            These web suggestions are read by our Development and Product Management departments who discuss and consider these requests for a future release.  Although I could copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are some questions that only you can answer.

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